Map of the United States broken down by Network regional teams

Meet the talented and dedicated folks behind the Best Friends Network.

Meet the talented and dedicated folks behind the Best Friends Network and Regional program teams.

Brent Toellner, senior director, national programs
Bethany Heins, director, operations & strategic projects
Elizabeth Bennett, senior manager, network operations
Raya Greenbaum, network digital resource specialist
Andie Peart, senior analyst, network operations
Jennifer Schrolucke, administrator, network partnership & grants
Jonathan Sizemore, B2B Video Producer

Kaylee Hawkins, director
Sheila McLalin, senior regional manager
Alyss Tsukayama, regional manager

Mountain West
Arlyn Bradshaw, director
Cathy Overfield, regional specialist
Melissa Lipani, engagement manager

Great Plains
Stacy Rogers, director
Mandi Wyman, regional manager

South Central
Lee Ann Shenefiel, director
Catherine Eldredge, regional specialist

Stacy Rogers, director
Liz Stamper, regional specialist

Elizabeth Jensen, director
Linda Gage, regional specialist

Makena Yarbrough, director
Angela Rovetto, regional manager
Amanda M. Laraway, regional specialist

Makena Yarbrough, director
Tiffany Deaton, regional manager
Carrie Ducote, senior manager, Georgia
Lisa Barrett, state director, Alabama