Research & Data

Black and white dog in front of blackboard with formulas written on it

Shelter Data

The following tools put the latest animal welfare industry data right at your fingertips so you can make more informed lifesaving decisions for your organization.

Gathering Data for Shelters: This e-learning module explores data management in animal services and examines the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully understand the importance of data collection and best practices in data management in helping your organization reach its lifesaving goals

No-Kill Community and Shelter Map: There are thousands of no-kill communities throughout the United States, and more are being added every month. These no-kill communities act on core values that prioritize the health and safety of pets and people in that community — and focus on saving lives through pet adoption, spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return and other lifesaving programs.

Pet Lifesaving Dashboard: This online tool was designed to provide a consistent, data-driven picture of lifesaving in our nation’s animal shelters and inspire community members to take local action for pets in need. Collaboration with our shelter partners is essential to the success of this tool.