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Friends of the Network

If you’re looking for a new way to supplement your organization’s existing work, we recommend trying out one of the programs below provided by our Friends of the Network.*

American Bar Association Animal Law Committee: The purpose of this pro bono opportunity is to promote strong communities for people and animals during the pandemic, provide legal support to animal shelters who currently do not have foster programs to establish them, and to strengthen existing foster programs. Learn more and sign up here

Animal Aid Rescue: Animal Rescue Aid is honored to support the life-saving efforts of 3,500+ Shelters and Rescue Groups on the front line of animal rescue each day! Through The BlueBed Donation Program™, it’s our mission to make it possible for every rescued pup, in every shelter across the USA, to enjoy a comfortable pet bed. Shelter enrichment (pet beds and toys) help reduce the stress and anxiety often felt by shelter pups – so their true personalities can shine through to potential adopters – and that helps give them a better chance at being adopted!  That’s often the difference between life and death in a shelter, so a simple pet bed can truly save lives. Please join us as we work to “Give them a hint of home ~ while they wait for theirs”™

The Grey Muzzle Organization: Join the Grey Muzzle Collaborative and get special resources to advance your work on behalf of homeless and at-risk senior dogs. Benefits include priority access to quarterly professional development webinars, product donations, features in publications and events (e.g., the Dog Bowl), and opportunities to promote senior dogs for adoption via Grey Muzzle’s social media platforms (reaching more than 4.5 million followers on Facebook alone). Members will also be eligible for special capacity -building opportunities. Contact The Grey Muzzle Organization to sign up. 

Morris Animal Foundation: Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to improving and protecting the health of animals through scientific innovation, education and inspiration. Their investment in shelter medicine research has yielded life-saving vaccines, superior screening technology, new treatments for critical diseases, advanced diagnostic tools and more. Veterinarians and researchers can learn more about their grant process on their website.

PetGiving: PetGiving is a free online platform that helps donors fund animal rescue efforts for shelters across the country. The platform helps raise awareness for available pets by using social media, shelter and community reach nationwide. It allows donors to cover costs that directly help animal rescue groups and shelters save more lives. Learn more about how it works on their website. 

Senior Cat Action Network: Senior Cat Action Network is a nonprofit organization focusing on super senior cats (typically 15 years and older) that can assist 501(c)(3) rescues with the medical costs of super senior cats currently in their care. Rescues can apply to become a Rescue Partner with Senior Cat Action Network and, once approved, can submit a medical funding request for a specific cat. Any approved funding is paid directly to the rescue’s partner veterinarian at the time of service. Learn more about their Medical Funding Program here.

Tripawds Foundation: Tripawds Foundation is a nonprofit community providing free resources and grants for people caring for animals coping with amputation. Public shelters and nonprofit rescue organizations can apply for financial help through our Tripawds Rescue Fund. This matching grant helps offset amputation surgery cost for animals awaiting adoption. Tripawds also has free outreach brochures to educate pet parents about amputation and life on three legs. After adoption, pet parents can get their Tripawd's first rehab therapy visit cost covered, through the Maggie Moo Rehabilitation Reimbursement Grant. These and other helpful assistance programs are made possible through donations to the Tripawds Community Fund.

*Best Friends does not provide any representations or guarantees regarding the entities listed on this page or their products or services.  Best Friends is not liable or responsible for any problems, damages or costs of any kind that arise from engaging with these companies.