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A man with a hat, glasses and white beard sits on a bench while holding a newly adopted black dog wearing a red harness and leash


Below are educational, fundraising, and adoption events that we encourage all of our Network partners to participate in. You can read about each event and click to learn more about how to participate. 

Best Friends National Conference

Connect with other animal welfare leaders and expand your knowledge on a variety of topics – all at the Best Friends National Conference! 

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Best Friends National Adoption Event

This Network partner exclusive event is free to participate in and gets you access to marketing materials and national exposure so you can find more happy homes for your animals this summer.  

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Best Friends National Big Dog Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage the public to consider adopting or fostering big dogs, which tend to have a longer length of stay at shelters.

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Best Friends National Kitten Foster Campaign

This Network partner exclusive event provides you with two exclusive opportunities to increase your kitten foster base and save more lives. 

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Strut Your Mutt

Strut Your Mutt is back, and no matter where you are in the country, your organization and the pets in your care have so much to gain. What is Strut Your Mutt? It’s the walk and fundraising event that saves the lives of pets in communities across the country. Registration is now open!

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