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Transport & Transfer

The following resources and courses are designed for those looking to learn how to build and improve their transport and transfers programs. These free materials cover a wide variety of subjects on this topic and are meant for both beginner and advanced audiences. 


  • Lifesaving through Transport Programs- Organizations located in areas facing larger numbers of homeless pets can find positive outcomes through transport programs that transfer pets to areas where there are lower populations of adoptable pets and greater demand. An effective transport program not only reduces overcrowding and the needless killing of pets, it allows the source shelter to implement sustainable, proven practices in lifesaving and help more pets in their community.

Download iconPLAYBOOKS

  • Animal Transport Volunteer Playbook- This manual was written specifically for use by Best Friends Animal Society. Please feel free to tailor the content to suit your organization's unique requirements.
  • Reducing Infectious Disease in Transport Programs Playbook- For many shelters, animal transport is vital to their current lifesaving efforts. While we know that sustained transport should not be the long-term solution, in the short term, it provides a much-needed release valve for overcrowded, high-intake shelters so that they have the time and space to develop longer-term strategies for their communities. Many of these high-intake shelters, though, are in areas where infectious disease is a constant threat and may be endemic in the community or region. This playbook addresses strategies that both sending and receiving shelters can employ to reduce the risk of infectious disease spread during animal relocation.

You can find additional information on transport and transfer here