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Animal control officer and shelter staff intake a dog

Update your information on the pet lifesaving dashboard

The pet lifesaving dashboard is an online tool designed to provide a consistent, data-driven picture of lifesaving in our nation’s animal shelters and inspire community members to take local action for pets in need. Collaboration with our shelter partners is essential to the success of this tool. 

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Each brick-and-mortar shelter has the opportunity to provide their animal data and a narrative about the shelter for their dedicated page within the tool. 

If your shelter's data needs updated, please make an account on Shelter Pet Data Alliance.. 

Update your shelter data

Your narrative on the pet lifesaving dashboard is a direct line for communicating with your community about the strategies and needs of your organization. Our new Shelter Narrative Generator makes it easy for you to update. If your data is up to date, complete your narrative using this specific form. Note: If you complete the Shelter Data Update Form, you will be prompted to customize your narrative without using the Shelter Narrative Generator separately.

Customize your shelter narrative