Who We Are

Emily Lancione, operations manager

Emily Lancione - Best FriendsMy name is Emily Lancione and I am an operations manager for the embed program for Best Friends.

I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, but for 9 years I was working with the Nevada Humane Society in Reno. I started my journey as a kennel tech, and eventually became the animal care director, overseeing intake, fostering, and animal care.

I’m a sucker for the three E’s - enrichment, education, and engagement! Though I also really enjoy getting my hands dirty and cleaning kennels! There’s no better time to think than when you’re boots on the ground.

If you’re trying to win me over, show me a moody medical case animal - the sassier, the better. My best friend was a spicy dachshund named Pizza with a grade 6 heart murmur. Turns out a 2-month life expectancy means five years!

My fiancé and I are moms to three rescue cats and one chubby rescue Aussie! We’re board game (especially Catan) fanatics, avid documentary watchers, and we love a good cup of coffee.