Who We Are

Sara Miller, manager, network engagement and communications

Angelita “Angel” Sampaio - Best Friends Animal SocietySara Miller is the Manager, Network Engagement and Communications. She is excited to have the opportunity to support and engage animal sheltering staff and, as a result, help pets across the country. She is inspired by sheltering professionals' drive and creativity in advancing the No-Kill vision and achieving positive outcomes for as many pets as possible.

Sara lives in her hometown of Austin, TX, with her husband, son, and soul dog, Norman. She has a background in marketing and design for organizations with a heavy professional education focus, and she has been involved in animal welfare professionally since 2019. Before joining the animal welfare industry, she freelanced for nonprofits and trade associations and created content online via social media, blogging, and podcasting. Additionally, she spent one year in healthcare, receiving the Best Integrated Marketing Strategy award from the eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

 In her spare time, Sara enjoys going to the movies, parks, and restaurants with her family, rewatching her favorite shows, and having long conversations and good food with friends.