Who We Are

Lisa Kauffman, Pacific senior strategist

Lisa Kauffman, Best Friends Animal Society


Lisa Kauffman is a senior strategist with the Pacific Regional Team, focusing on targeted city and county government relations and engagement. Over the past 25 years, Lisa has worked at the state and local levels in Idaho as a lobbyist to upgrade animal welfare laws ranging from felony animal cruelty, dog and cock fighting, pet store ordinances, eliminating the gas chamber, and passing a state license plate that funds spay and neuter services throughout the state.

Lisa has also worked with local shelters and rescue groups in Idaho and Wyoming to upgrade their operations to provide easier paths to adoption, transport, and sterilization of dogs and cats. Some of her favorite memories were participating in MASH style spay and neuter events on local Native American reservations and running the autoclave for the Spay-a-thon Puerto Rico project.

Lisa is excited to relocate back to her home state of California for this work with the Pacific Regional Team, and shares her home with a Pit Bull/Boxer mix named Copper, a Belgian Malinois named Emmie (who has megaesophagus!), and four adorable cats who think they are dogs: Monkey, Skittles, Bug, and Bubbles. You’ll find Lisa either hiking with the dogs, traveling, cooking, or poking around in antique shops in her spare time!