Transport Connection Map

The Transport Connection Map is an online visual tool to help Network partners easily identify and directly connect with potential transport compatible partners. As a Network partner, you can use this tool to visualize the location of other sending and receiving organizations, view their Transport Profile and access the provided contact information.  

To be included on the map, simply complete the participation survey by submitting basic profile information. The information (including direct contact information) is displayed on the map as your “Transport Profile” for others to see. 

Click here to see a video walk-through of how to use this tool.


Please note: 

  • This tool is not meant to indicate 100% perfect matches. The goal is simply to expedite the process of identifying potential partners to increase timely lifesaving opportunities. 
  • The information displayed on the tool is not provided for nor is permission given to email in SPAM fashion, nor is it to be added to mailing lists or plea email lists.  
  • Contact information is displayed as submitted. Inclusion in the tool is not an endorsement and we do not provide warranties or guarantees. 
  • It is incumbent on all organizations to ensure that all stakeholder concerns are adequately monitored and addressed. We encourage collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure safe and effective transfer of animals between organizations. 


In the survey, what is meant by “basic vaccinations”? 

How can I update my organization’s existing profile on the map?  

How can I remove my organization’s profile from the map? 

  • In order to remove a profile, re-submit the participation survey. In the permission section please select NO where it asks, “Do you agree to have your organization's transport-related contact information published as part of the web based tool available to the public?”. This will remove your information from the map on the next scheduled update.  

How often is the map updated? 

  • The map is updated regularly. This includes additions, edits, and removing existing profiles.  

My organization is not a Network partner. Why can’t we use this tool?  

  • While our desire is to eventually make this tool accessible to all organizations regardless of partner status, we’ve chosen to limit use to our partners initially in order to work through issues and improvements before opening use up to a larger audience.  

How can I find out more information about the Best Friends Network or sign up to become a partner?  

  • Visit our website to find out more about the Best Friends Network and to apply to be a partner.  

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