Spay/Neuter Resource Map

The Spay/Neuter Resource Map is a tool created to easily connect organizations and people with spay and neuter resources. Animal welfare organizations can use this map to connect with locations to help spay or neuter their own animals or provide this information to their constituents to use for personal pets. Contact information is included in each listing so you can easily connect directly with a location near you.  

The map includes listings for low-cost clinics, voucher/assistance programs, as well as mobile clinics. Definitions for each of these listing types are as follows: 

Low-cost clinic: Locations with a physical brick & mortar facility performing surgeries in-house.  

Voucher/assistance program: Provides vouchers or financial assistance with getting animals spayed and neutered at partner facilities. 

Mobile clinic: Operates a mobile facility that serves many communities. 

*Please note that veterinary practices without a non-profit partner are not included in this tool. 


How to navigate through the tool: 

  • Hover over or click an icon or dot on the map to see more information about each location including name, address, resource type, and website URL (if available). 
  • Click the blue "Open website in new tab” link at the bottom of the information box to be taken directly to that location’s website.  
  • Use the dropdown menu below the map to zoom into a specific state. To return back to the national view, select “all” from the state dropdown.  
  • While in a specific state view, zoom in or out using the scroller on your mouse or the + and – buttons on the top left of the map (you must have your mouse hovered over the map to see those buttons).  
  • Click the arrow above “View List” (located on the right of the orange section) to be taken to a list view of the locations. There you can filter listings by state, county, and resource type by using the dropdown menus near the bottom of the tool (on desktop only).  
  • Locations listed in orange are Best Friends Network partners. 

Where is this information sourced from? 

The initial data for this tool was compiled by Best Friends Animal Society staff and volunteers by searching for organizations (shelters and other nonprofit organizations) who offer either a low-cost clinic option or some sort of assistance program for spay/neuter services. The organization names and locations were derived from primary public sources and may not always reflect the specific program or clinic information if that is different. Each of the listings was verified prior to being added to the tool, but changes since then may not be captured. 

If you would like to submit feedback or changes, or if you have a listing you would like to be added to the map, you can do so here. Changes and additions will be made on a monthly basis at the end of each month.