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National Shelter Support Team

Best Friends Animal Society provides proven lifesaving support and training for animal control agencies through the national shelter support program. We help create and sustain successful animal welfare operations for all types and sizes of communities throughout the country.

The national shelter support team offers several opportunities for agencies looking to improve their animal control and shelter operations, create an ideal balance between public safety and animal protection, and improve their agency's reputation through community programs.

Meet the Team

Program Descriptions

Assessments: Best Friends’ municipal and shelter support team works with organizations to provide on-site and remote professional assessments of shelter operations, community programs, and field operations. Assessments are designed to identify specific areas of need and help guide the implementation of proven strategies in animal welfare. Ongoing support is provided during and after implementation to ensure new programs and practices are sustainable and successful. The assessments provide are free, comprehensive and include evaluation of areas such as organizational culture, internal communications, animal control operations, dispatch, customer service, shelter policies, staff structure, population, and animal care and behavior.

Mentorships: Through the national mentorship program, Best Friends subject matter experts, utilizing various telecommunications platforms, provide individualized mentoring with animal control and shelter leadership and/or staff. Assigned mentors provide content and resources for proven strategies in field and shelter operations, assist in addressing questions and concerns, and help successfully implement those strategies for their services areas. 

Training: The national shelter team offers several in-person and free online training opportunities to provide animal control officers, shelter staff and leadership opportunities to further their careers and stay up to date on current trends within the industry. By working with agencies across the country we are able to share all the great work that is being done on a local level to a national level.

Emergency Services: Best Friends’ emergency services (ES) program is focused on supporting shelters and rescues with emergency preparedness training and resources so organizations can minimize their own risks in a disaster and be better situated to help the pets in their communities. In the aftermath of a disaster, the ES program provides lifesaving transport coordination, as well as human, material and/or financial support to organizations and communities that have been impacted.