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Saving America's Pets Vlog

If there is one genuine silver lining to a global pandemic, it’s the extent to which lines of communication within the animal welfare industry have opened up. We hear each other now, and we’re hungry to learn from others for the sake of our staff, communities, and animals in our care.    

Join Best Friends Chief Mission Officer, Holly Sizemore, for a bi-weekly vlog focused on the future of animal welfare in the face of crisis. Each episode, Holly is joined by special guests from around the industry to discuss innovative solutions, inspiring examples, and valuable advice from leaders in the field. What’s next for us? How do we move forward together?

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 36- Staff, the Heart of Your Organization

Episode 35- The nationwide veterinarian shortage

Episode 34- The different types of outdoor community cats

Episode 33- How animals benefit from the Shelter Collaborative Project

Episode 32- Interview with Jacksonville Humane: how to maintain lifesaving efforts during the pandemic

Episode 31- How large city rescues are adapting during the pandemic

Episode 30- How a shelter embed program helped save animals in Abilene, Texas

Episode 29- How to adopt and foster special needs animals

Episode 28- The best tips for reducing summer shelter intake

Episode 27- Kitten season: when cute and cuddly meets lifesaving

Episode 26- How data analysis helps us reach no-kill across America

Episode 25- What's next for No-Kill and the city of Los Angeles

Episode 24- BTS: How Los Angeles became a no-kill city

Episode 23- How to encourage community support and save the lives of animals in shelters

Episode 22- A community cat program in this Burlington shelter helped save even more animals

Episode 21- Adopting a puppy? Here's what you need to know!

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 20- Evolve or be left behind

Episode 19- Transport and Transformation in a rural GA shelter

Episode 18- Overcoming the US vs. THEM mentality and embracing cooperation

Episodes 16 & 17- Getting out of our own way to save more lives

Episode 15- Pitties help save kitties

Episode 14- A partnership for growing leaders in animal rescue

Episode 13- Lifesaving Bright Spots

Episode 12- Keeping America’s military members and their pets together

Episode 11- A new focus on Animal Control Officers

Episode 10- New data and how Delaware became the first no-kill state

Episode 9- A Texas animal shelter's transformation

Episode 8- Embracing diversity in the animal welfare movement

Episode 7- Finding the positive after a disaster

Episode 6- How to help orphaned kittens with the Kitten Lady

Episode 5- What to do if you see cats outside

Episode 4- Foster fail? More like Foster-WIN

Episode 3- Grassroots advocacy and taking action for animals

Episode 2- Empty kennels in animal shelters around the country

Episode 1- COVID-19 and Pets: what you need to know

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