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How animals benefit from the Shelter Collaborative Project

The Best Friends shelter collaborative project is all about making mentorship matches between no-kill organizations and shelters that need help implementing lifesaving programs. This week, Lynchburg Humane Society associate director Jill Mollohan and Catawba County Animal Services manager Jenna Arsenault discuss how working together has benefited both partners.


  • 00:00 Welcome to Saving America's Pets!
  • 0:24 Introducing Jill Mollohan and Jenna Arsenault
  • 1:48 How Lynchburg Humane Society started partnering with Catawba County Animal Services
  • 2:31 Rough beginnings during COVID times
  • 3:03 What we do in animal welfare
  • 3:51 Victory is an increased save rate
  • 4:10 Staffing hurt everyone
  • 4:36 Not taking in healthy stray cats and a social media presence
  • 4:57 Catawba community getting involved
  • 6:22 Confidence in the Catawba team
  • 6:47 Bearing fruit already
  • 7:44 Advice for other shelters
  • 9:25 Final thoughts

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