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Can mentorships offer specialized help for shelters?

Many shelters in America need specialized help in specific areas. Best Friends National Mentorship program offers them a way to achieve this through industry professionals helping for the low low cost of free. Kimberly Elman, the Manager of the Best Friends Mentorship Program, discusses this fantastic opportunity with Holly.

Shelters can find their region's strategist here.

Time Stamps: 

  • Intro by Holly and co-host, Rose- 0:15
  • Guest intro, Kimberly Elman, mentorship program manager- 0:35
  • What is the national mentorship program about?- 1:00
  • Why do you focus on smaller programmatic buckets?- 1:39
  • Why would a shelter want to participate?- 2:10
  • What does the shelter have to contribute?- 3:07
  • Give me a couple of success stories- 4:16
  • How do shelters find more information or sign up?- 5:26
  • What are the most popular mentorships?- 6:03

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