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The data is in: What the numbers from 2021 say about our progress towards no-kill

How do we know that progress is being made in getting our animal shelters to no-kill? By analyzing data - and the 2021 data is in. Join Holly and Brent Toellner, the Senior Director of National Programs for Best Friends, in what the numbers are saying in this week's episode of Saving America's Pets.

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Time Stamps:

  • Introduction to data set and Brent Toellner- 0:45
  • Why are we talking about this now and where does the data come from?- 1:30
  • How many shelter are there?- 2:50
  • Why is it so important to have this kind of data at this level?- 3:04
  • What does 2021 have to say about animal sheltering in the U.S.?- 3:53
  • What are the main things we want to celebrate?- 5:00
  • What kinds of shelters are these that hit the 90% or more benchmark?- 6:22
  • What makes you confident that we will reach our 2025 goal?- 7:10
  • Why did we backslide for the first time ever? - 8:16
  • What were the shelters that did not backslide doing differently? - 9:22
  • What are the three most important things in this data set?- 11:20
  • Wrapping up with Holly, Rose, and Lucy- 12:48

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