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Woman in baseball cap feeding black and white dog a treat

The current state of America's animal shelters and challenges they face

Welcome back to Saving America's Pets. Best Friends Chief Program Officer Marc Peralta speaks with Holly Sizemore about the latest "state of the state" of animal shelters in America and some the challenges they face in the (hopefully) post-pandemic times.

Time Stamps:

  • Welcome to Saving America's Pets- 0:00
  • Introduction- Marc Peralta- 0:53
  • State of the state of nation's shelters- 1:12
  • What advice would you give to a shelter director who is feeling overwhelmed- 2:10
  • What are tips and tricks for shelter staff/leaders to figure out pivots needed day-to-day - 3:41
  • Why do high performing shelters need to walk in the shoes of struggling shelters - 4:30
  • How do shelters that have more resources and community support keep things urgent - 6:16

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