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Black community cat sitting on concrete wall

How to address input for Community Cat Programs in your city

Communication with the community is very important in Community Cat Programs and complaint mitigation. Nick Walton joins Holly in discussing ways to approach the community.

Time Stamps:

  • Intro by Holly and co-host, Rose- 0:20
  • Nick Walton introduction - 1:04
  • What makes you say that community cat complaint mitigation is equally, if not more important than a community cat program- 1:27
  • How would we put more importance on it- 2:49
  • Let's talk about people's mindsets and how that plays into complaint mitigation- 3:43
  • How does drawing a map with the complainant help- 6:47
  • What is commonly attracting a cat to someone's property and how does evaluating that help discover solutions- 8:45
  • What types of information can you make at the ready for people- 11:22
  • Is there anything else you would like to add- 12:27

Check out our Community Cat Programs Handbook and Community Cat Programs Training Playbook to learn more about these programs.

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