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Black dog sitting between three veterinarians and a caregiver

The nationwide veterinarian shortage

There is a severe veterinarian shortage happening in this country and it is impeding lifesaving work. Best Friends Medical Director Dr. Erin Katribe talks with Holly about how we can continue saving animals during this difficult time.


  • 00:00 Welcome to Saving America's Pets!
  • 0:24 The situation with Vets in America
  • 1:03 The reality of how bad it is
  • 1:54 How the shortage impacts our shelters
  • 2:25 Solutions in the works
  • 3:22 Utilizing support staff more
  • 4:18 What some of this looks like in motion
  • 5:08 Cutting through the bottleneck of spay/neuter
  • 6:48 How can private vets help
  • 7:40 Retaining staff just as crucial to hiring
  • 8:18 How culture can support the vats and staff
  • 9:18 Final thoughts

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