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Exploring the new tool helping to improve the lives of animal shelter employees

Wellness for staff at today's animal shelters is very important, not just the animals, but for everyone. Joining Holly today is Best Friends Senior Manager of Learning Advancement, Aimee Charlton, and President and COO of Oklahoma Humane Society, Dana McCrory, plus Animal Welfare Superintendent of Oklahoma City, Jonathan Gary. They will discuss a new module on wellness in the Executive Leadership Certification program that is available to anyone. This wellness module was created by Tina Overgaard, Senior Instructional Designer and Learning Advancement Specialist, Caitlin Gill.

Gift yourself and your team the time to pause and work through this robust wellness module. It's an incredible resource with very tangible outcomes. 

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Time Stamps:

  • Welcome- 0:00
  • Wellness and animal welfare - 0:32
  • Guest intro and welcome- 1:03
  • Wellness module summary in executive leadership certification- 1:32
  • Why is wellness in animal welfare so important- 2:46
  • How was module used for yourself and your team at Oklahoma City- 3:35
  • How have you incorporated the learnings in your work at Oklahoma Humane Society- 5:41
  • What does the module give to the people in the cohort- 7:10
  • Examples of how wellness is being demonstrated at Oklahoma Humane Society- 8:57
  • If we truly focus on wellness, will productivity go down- 10:44


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