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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 90

Applying 12-Step principles to succeed, stay sane, and save lives
December 2nd, 2021

Happy holidays to you from all of us here at The Best Friends Podcast!

This is the busiest time of the year for many in animal welfare, with the end-of-year fundraising efforts in full swing. December is when we often focus on giving to others, but we want to ensure you don’t forget about yourself! This week’s episode focuses on our personal well-being courtesy of Melissa Treuman, the Senior Director of Communications for Bideawee.

Melissa delivered this presentation during the 2021 Best Friends National Conference. She tells us how applying simple, proven 12-step principles (in and out of the office) can help us reduce stress, cultivate compassion, promote healthy communication, improve relationships, and fulfill personal goals. All of which will help us in our lifesaving work.

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Melissa Treuman - Bideawee

Melissa Treuman

senior director of communications, Bideawee

Melissa has more than 15 years of experience crafting and executing marketing and communications strategies, as well as plans for local and national brands. As passionate as she is about animals, she's even more passionate about people. Melissa believes that emotional intelligence is the key to personal, professional, and organizational success.

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