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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 60

Keeping ourselves whole
April 22nd, 2021

Whether you call it burnout, compassion fatigue, or something else, the constant demands in the animal services field can be at times overwhelming. There are so many animals in need, but only one of you, right?! The feelings that come with those beliefs are can be incredibly challenging and sometimes can drive people away from the field or to self-destructive acts.

Due to the importance of the work, we are continually living in a state of urgency quite literally with lives hanging in the balance. It is easy to become lost in our work and not take time to recharge and care for ourselves.

This week, we talk with Meryl Schwarz, a certified professional coach specializing in working with those suffering from compassion fatigue.

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This week's guest
Meryl Schwarz

Meryl Schwarz

certified professional coach







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