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Black and white feral cat lying on a ledge

How one shelter in Louisiana saved over 200 unsocialized cats

Learn from Robert Bremer, the director of the St. Tammany Parish Animal Services in Louisiana, as he joins Holly and Rose to discuss the transformation in his community and how they saved over 200 unsocialized cats with the help of a community cat program.

Time Stamps: 

  • Intro by Holly and co-host, Rose- 0:12
  • St. Tammany Parish's transformation by the numbers- 0:22
  • Robert Bremer introduction- 1:28
  • Tell us about your history working in animal welfare- 1:40
  • 2019, state of the shelter, and needed changes- 2:11
  • The mentality of "there aren't enough homes"- 3:32
  • Let's try it- 3:52
  • What can field services do differently- 4:29
  • Results- less animals coming in, more animals going out- 5:07
  • Community cat program and impact- 5:44
  • How has the staff reacted- 7:04
  • From mud pit to beautiful garden- 7:22
  • How have you worked to continue to learn as a leader- 8:49

Check out our Community Cat Programs Handbook and Community Cat Programs Training Playbook to learn more about these programs.

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