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Social Media Information and Tips

Social Media Information and Tips

To get the most out of your social media posts, it’s a good idea to always post a photo, video, or link for more information along with any tweets or status updates. Photos do best in terms of engagement with the audience on Facebook. News style links do well on Twitter. Keep your posts as short and simple as possible since people are often quickly scanning through news feeds and won’t read much beyond that. Create a Facebook event for any adoption events you have planned complete with an appropriately sized, inviting image.

It's also beneficial to switch up the story/promotion with each post. Maybe one is about the plight of black animals--citing a statistic. Maybe another is about a black pet success story. Maybe another is "three reasons you should adopt a black pet"....or maybe that could be "25 reasons" (because the facility has 25 black pets to adopt out). Changing it up will keep the focus on the campaign without boring people with the same old message. And of course, keep everything positive! You want people to feel excited about Back in Black, not sad or guilty.

Here’s a blog post that might help you address any adversity to such low adoption fees and some research from Maddie’s Fund to further offer support.

Additional tips

  • Use the channels you know best. Don’t start new accounts you don’t have time to manage. Just focus on maximizing in the #1 and #2 spaces your audience hangs out in.
  • Make it easy for people to learn about your adoption event and join you across all online mediums.
  • Use hashtags and social advertising (which can be pretty easy and cost effective) to reach a broader audience.
  • Be responsive to questions with quick answers and donations with thank yous.
  • Create a Facebook event with attractive graphics. Best Friends has provided you with social media images in this digital marketing toolkit.
  • Use Facebook’s “Pin to Top” feature.
  • Watch what others do that seems to work.

What to post

  • Make it valuable. Ask yourself before you post: Is it interesting, entertaining, or informing?
  • Make it short. Post with fewer than 250 characters get up to an avg. of 60 percent more engagement.
  • Make it visual with photos and videos (but keep a mix of links, text updates, etc. as well).
  • Make it personal. Sign your name on posts if you have multiple admins. Include your own personal stories and perspectives.
  • Make it consistent. Post regularly, and make sure your messages don’t conflict.
  • Make it positive. People like to feel like they are a part of something bigger and successful.
  • Talk about your goals, and progress along the way, and make your call-to-action clear.

When to post

  • Find out what timing works best for your target audience through trial and error.
  • Overall, weekdays are typically the most active times.
  • Use Facebook Insights to determine when the majority of your Page’s fans are most likely online.

Attachments for posting and tagging

  • Best Friends Facebook page
  • Best Friends Facebook Event page
  • Your group’s Facebook Event page
  • Best Friends social media graphics available in the promotion digital marketing toolkit
  • Pictures or videos of your current adoptable black animals

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