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Best Friends National Kitten Foster Campaign

Kitten season is just around the corner, and we want to help you prepare right now.  

Through our national kitten foster campaign, Best Friends is urging the public to step up and save a life by signing up to foster kittens. This national campaign promotion kicked off February 1st, and includes a large-scale national ad, campaign landing page, national and local press releases, paid digital/social advertising in select markets, email series, national print PSA placements, and potential celebrity/influencer engagement.  

By asking the public to sign up to foster now (ahead of the height of kitten season), organizations like you will have time to onboard and train new fosters so everyone is ready when the kittens arrive. 

Network partner exclusive campaign benefits 

As a Best Friends Network partner, we’re providing you with opportunities to increase your kitten foster base and save more lives. 

We want to connect you directly with contacts who have expressed interest specifically in fostering kittens through our public campaign. *See below for more information. The deadline to register to receive foster contact information has closed.

As part of the campaign we are providing access to a robust marketing toolkit full of campaign resources to help you recruit your local community members to foster for your organization. This toolkit includes social and digital graphics, sample social and email copy, a printable flyer, and more! Use the materials as-is or customize them with your organization’s logo.   

Access the marketing toolkit

Kitten Foster Pro-Tip of the Week

Been at this awhile? It’s never too late to revisit your protocols.  

Additional Pro-Tips

Kitten Foster Program Resources 

We’ve compiled a list of resources for organizations looking to start or enhance their kitten foster program. Check them out below: 

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Neonatal Kitten Toolkit

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*The information to be shared is limited to contacts gathered through the national kitten foster campaign only. Participating Network partners (those who have filled out the form above) and potential fosters will be matched based on zip code. Therefore, contacts may be shared with multiple organizations within a designated zip code radius, and conversely, not every zip code may have contacts who have signed up to participate.