Proven Strategies

One orange and two black kittens on orange chair

Kitten Foster Pro-Tips

Tips for anyone 

Short on fosters? Rotate them! Let your bottle baby pros focus on those, then pass them over to new or less experienced fosters once they are weaned.   

Want to start a finder-foster program? Stock your intake area with kitten care kits, so you can send finders home with all the supplies to get started.   

  • Use this great infographic to help your community know what to do when they find sick or healthy kittens outside.  

Having a kitten shower to bring in supplies? Use the event to recruit fosters, talk with current fosters about challenges and wins. 

Tabby kitten hanging out of pink cat tent

Beginner Tips 

You don’t need an established program to start fostering neonatal kittens. Grab the resources you need and start small. 

Smaller, volunteer-run organization? Don’t let vaccine schedules be a deterrent! 

Just getting started? Worried about the amount of medical preventatives needed? 

Orange cat with paw on black cat's head

Advanced Tips 

Been at this awhile? It’s never too late to revisit your protocols.  

Is your programming growing and growing? Manage your foster roster through regular engagement and set up easy protocols to grant them more independence in troubleshooting challenges. 

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