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Join us for Best Friends National Adoption Weekend!

Best Friends National Adoption Weekend is back for the second time this year! This is an exclusive network partner event created to help organizations like yours adopt more animals. Participating partners have access to a robust marketing toolkit, national exposure on the Best Friends website and social channels, local and national press releases, as well as grant incentives for participating and reporting results. Participating partners from the July event saw a 30% overall increase in adoptions during the 3-day event over the same days the previous year.  

What: Best Friends National Adoption Weekend

When: September 15 - 17, 2023

Details: Participating partners will be reimbursed for every animal adopted during the event - $25 per cat and $25 per dog.*  

Important Dates for Participating Partners:

September 11 - Registration closes.

September 25 - Deadline to submit event reporting form and upload data to SPDA to be eligible to receive adoption stipends. 

  • To be eligible to receive your stipend, you must submit the following data in SPDA before you submit your event report:
    • 2022 annual data
    • January to June 2023 monthly data
    • See our Data Guide for guidance on entering your stats

Find out more information about becoming a network partner and Shelter Pet Data Alliance.

Any other questions, email 

Check back soon for access to the marketing toolkit and reporting form. 

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Over 9,000 animals adopted during the 3-day July event

Below are some highlights from the most recent national adoption weekend:Woman holding adopted sign next to cat carrier

  • 9,470 animals were adopted
  • 599 network partners participated
  • 30% increase in total adoptions over the same 3-day period last year
  • 63% of network partners chose to reduce or waive their adoption fees
  • Network partners that reduced adoption fees during the event had 119% more dog adoptions and 86% more cat adoptions than those that made no fee change 

Participants in July’s National Adoption Weekend share some of their happiest tales.

*Participating partners will be able to follow their own normal adoption procedures but must report results to receive the stipend. Only one person can make an organization profile on Shelter Pet Data Alliance. After the profile is created, additional admins and/or users must be invited from within the account. Currently, Shelter Pet Data Alliance is only accepting accounts and data for organizations managing transfers of ownership of dogs and cats.