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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 76

Increasing adoptions through effective marketing
August 19th, 2021

If you're feeling more overwhelmed than usual, you are not alone. The year-to-date shelter data shows that intake is up - but not by much compared to the last "normal" year of 2019. Instead, it's mostly driven by a dramatic drop in adoptions which are down roughly 20% from 2019.

How are you communicating to the public at this time of great need, and what are you saying?

We spoke with Caitlin Quinn from HeARTs Speak to learn some quick and practical marketing tips and tricks that can help you break through the noise and get adoptable pets where they belong - in loving homes.

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Caitlin Quinn

Caitlin Quinn

director of operations, HeARTs Speak

Caitlin is passionate about working with shelters and rescues to reimagine the way they tell their stories and connect with new audiences. She has served in the animal welfare field since 2008 and early on had the honor of working closely with diverse organizations across the U.S. to maximize resources, redesign policies, and find life-changing marketing solutions. In 2015 she got her MPA with a concentration in nonprofit management.

She shares her life with two dogs, Paddy + Sally, who make life complete

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