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Scott Stratten speaking on stage at the 2022 Best Friends National Conference

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 124

Scott Stratten
August 18th, 2022

This week we’re sharing the interview we did with one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Best Friends National Conference, Scott Stratten.

Scott is a prolific author and speaker, and as the founder of UnMarketing, he’s helped millions understand how to create community and connection through their marketing efforts in the digital age. We talk about UnMarketing, building relationships with the public, and how a leader’s connection to their staff can impact the bottom line.

The next National Adoption Weekend event is happening from September 16th through the 18th, and registration is now open. Learn more:

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Scott Stratten - UnMarketing Inc.

Scott Stratten

founder, partner, speaker, UnMarketing, Inc.

Scott is an award-winning keynote speaker known for his energy, passion, knowledge, humor, and man-bun. His live and virtual presentations bring UnMarketing to life, energizing attendees, and creating experiences audiences will remember and learn from. Bridging the business gap between the virtual and real-world, Scott’s presentations not only gets people laughing and thinking, but also doing.

Before founding UnMarketing, Scott managed bands in Toronto and went to school for Human Resources, was an HR Generalist at Goodwill Toronto then a National Sales Training Manager for Polyair/Cantar before returning to Sheridan College to become a Business Professor.

He's been fascinated by digital disruption since 1995 when he first got online at school when they installed Netscape Navigator and hasn't logged off since (although he's changed browser programs a few times.)

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