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Encourage your supporters to come home to happiness by adopting or fostering

Data is showing that overall right now across the country, adoptions are down and intake is up. Coupled with the fact that shelters are also dealing with challenges like staffing shortages and kitten season, many shelters are at or near capacity leading to staff burnout.

We at Best Friends want to relieve some of that pressure by helping get animals adopted. Right now we are urging the public to support shelters by adopting and fostering. This national campaign runs through the month of August and includes a national press release, a campaign landing page, and paid advertising in select markets. 

As a Network partner, we’re also providing you with an exclusive marketing toolkit to help you utilize this messaging in your community. The toolkit includes, social media graphics, printable flyers, and a customizable press release template. 

Access the full toolkit

Here is a sample of what you will find in the full toolkit:

Facebook cover photo dog

Adoption photo for Instagram cat

Foster Dog Instagram

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