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The staff of Best Friends is made up of industry professionals from across the country. We come from municipal shelters, private rescue groups, animal control departments, and every other kind of animal welfare organization in all 50 states. We’ve cleaned kennels, directed departments, founded organizations, and organized communities. And now we work together with almost 3,000 Network partners to better the industry for the sake of ourselves and the animals in our care.

The editorials on this page represent insights, analyses, examples and experience from our staff in order to support yours in our collective work to save more lives.

Staying Nimble and Solvent through the Pandemic
By: Makena Yarbrough  April 3, 2020

Why Putting Human Health Above Unlimited Spay/Neuter is the Right Thing to Do
By: Sue Cosby and Erin Katribe, DVM  March 31, 2020

Onset of Kitten Season Combined with Shelter Limitations Leads to Creative Solutions
By: Liz Finch March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Resource Page Gives a Glimpse into the Future of Sheltering
By: Brent Toellner March 24, 2020