Who We Are

Jay Robinson, Pacific regional engagement and research intern

Michelle Dosson

Jay Robinson is currently serving as the intern for regional engagement and research in the Pacific region for Best Friends Animal Society. He has always been an avid animal lover. Born and raised on the East Coast, specifically in Westchester, New York, his childhood was enriched by the presence of standard poodles in his family. He also had the chance to ride horses and compete in various events.

After obtaining his B.F.A in Dramatic Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Jay's journey led him to Los Angeles, California, where he embarked on a career in the entertainment industry as a Writer’s PA on the Netflix production, Grace and Frankie.

His passion for animals persisted, and he found himself working as an assistant trainer at a local equestrian facility. He soon realized his calling lay at the intersection of animal welfare and his writing background. This realization culminated in Jay’s arrival at Best Friends.

With strong communication skills and empathy cultivated through his experiences with his service dog, Sage, Jay is committed to fostering connections with local communities and promoting animal welfare causes. He acknowledges the profound impact animals have on people's lives and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their well-being.

Currently based in Santa Monica, California, Jay shares his home with his beloved pets: Sage and Delilah (dogs), Mustache (cat), and his human partner.