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Three neonate kittens lying in multicolored blanket

Northeast Region Grant Priorities

The Rachael Ray Save Them All Grants fund projects to reduce the lifesaving gap of cats and dogs in U.S. shelters.

The priorities for the Rachael Ray Save Them All grants are:

•Programs that increase live outcomes within the shelter by expanding capacity to support historically vulnerable populations.

•Collaborative programs between groups which directly reduce shelter deaths, such as transfer and transport programs.

•Programs and projects that show a measurable reduction in the number of cats killed in shelters, such as Return-to-Field in lieu of euthanasia for community cats or lifesaving neonatal kitten programming.

•Programs which significantly increase live outcomes for at-risk large dogs, such as foster programs that target large dog populations.

Visit our interactive pet lifesaving dashboard to see which shelters in your area may have bigger gaps to 90% making them a higher priority for funding. 

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