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Emerging Lifesaving Technology Solutions

This Best Friends Town Hall focused on technology solutions to help save lives featuring our partners at:

The following panelists joined us to lend insight and expertise:

  • Abbie Moore, chief operating officer/chief product officer, Rehome
  • Jeremy Macdonald, chief customer officer, adopets
  • Jessica Schleder, founder and CEO, Adoptimize

Click the timestamps below to skip to that portion of the town hall:

  • Panel Introduction- 5:01
  • Rehome demo- 11:01
  • Adopets demo- 24:27
  • Adoptimize demo- 38:55
  • Who sets the dollar amount for adoptions completed through Rehome? 53:07
  • Can we attach medicals records and other associated documents in adopets? 54:36
  • Does adopets have the capacity to take general applications as opposed to applications for a specific animal? 55:29
  • Does adopets have the capacity to link to external payment systems? 56:30
  • Is there a branching feature for if/then type application questions in adopets? 57:07
  • What software systems is adopets compatible with? 57:51
  • What software systems is Adoptimize compatible with? 59:13
  • Are Rehome and adopets available for Canadian users? 1:00:13
  • Does the person who wants to rehome their pet own the listing on Rehome , or does the shelter have to do anything to manage postings?- 1:01:37


Virtual Adoption Matchmaker Program 


Trello foster board by LifeLine Animal Project 
Waitwile appointment system by Orange County Animal Services 
Jotform webform for Wait 'til 8 program by Orange County Animal Services


Best Friends Vet Access 
Pet Facial Recognition 
ZEID Talks– animal management and technology blog 

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