Who We Are

Raya Greenbaum, senior communications specialist

Raya Greenbaum, Network digital resource specialistrayag@bestfriends.org

Location: originally Wichita, Kansas, but all over nowadays

Past Life: Marketing and communications manager for the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, a project manager/writer for advertising and digital media agencies.

Likes: foster field trips, cats with ear tips, community outreach programs, short-term volunteer opportunities, dinosaurs, postcards

Dislikes: breed restrictions, glitter, barrier-forward adoptions, no overnight parking signs, rebooking fees

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting with a minor in English from Oklahoma State University

Skills: words, crafting resources, long-distance driving

Weaknesses: coffee from Chiapas, FeLV+ kitties, travel deals, muscular dogs with egg-shaped heads

Hobbies: photographing adoptable pets, collecting passport stamps, being outdoors, road trips

Pets: Miso the marvelous tabby and Grimlock, king of the Transformer Dinobots