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Northeast Region Grant Priorities

Competitive proposals must demonstrate, with statistics, a direct impact on saving animals’ lives and/or leading to a reduction in the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters. Proposals without shelter data will not be considered. Priority consideration will be given to projects focused on helping in those areas where animals are most at risk. Refer to the pet lifesaving dashboard to see where the greatest lifesaving opportunities are in your area.

The priorities for the Rachael Ray Save Them All grants are: 

  • Programs that increase live outcomes within the shelter by expanding capacity to support historically vulnerable populations. 
  • Collaborative programs between groups which directly reduce shelter deaths, such as transfer and transport programs. 
  • Programs and projects that show a measurable reduction in the number of cats killed in shelters, such as Return-to-Field in lieu of euthanasia for community cats or lifesaving neonatal kitten programming. 
  • Programs which significantly increase live outcomes for at-risk large dogs, such as foster programs that target large dog populations.

Examples of projects successfully funded in recent years include: 

  • In lieu of intake a private group did focused spay/neuter for at least 250 cats from highest shelter intake zip code xxxxx to reduce preventable cat euthanasia at shelter. Funding covered costs of surgery & treatment at time of medical procedure 
  • A rescue group provided pre-built “kitten kits” to multiple area animal welfare agencies to use as neonatal kitten intake intervention tools, both in shelter and in the field. 
  • A municipal shelter created a rescue partner incentive program, using funding provided to give rescue organizations and partner shelters stipends to pull 250 at-risk animals from their organization and reduce unnecessary euthanasia.  
  • A private shelter was given funding to support staff and consumable supplies for their mobile spay & neuter bus to go into the highest priority government shelter in their state and perform 250 sterilization surgeries for adoption or rescue eligible cats.  
  • A rescue group committed to facilitate large dog specific transports in at a priority area municipal animal services agency. Grant funds went towards costs associated with the transport and medical preparations.   

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For inquiries around potential proposals, please email and indicate what state you are located in. 

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