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The Collective Impact of Community Centered Lifesaving

What happens when rescues, spay/neuter, community resource groups, transport groups, and shelters all work in concert?  Lifesaving!  Join Best Friends senior director of national programs, Brent Toellner, for a deep dive into a network of organizations collaborating to meet the needs of their community. 

Ed Jamison, director, Dallas Animal Services
Karen Froehlich, president, SPCA of Texas
Bonnie Hill, executive director, Spay Neuter Network 
Christina Arriaga, executive director, Rockwall Pets 
Bob Catalani, CEO, Operation Kindness
Leslie Sans, executive director, Dallas Pets Alive

  • Welcome- Brent Toellner, Best Friends Animal Society -0:00:01
  • Ed Jamison- Director, Dallas Animal Services –0:01:56
  • Intro to Panel -0:9:09
  • Christina Arriaga, Executive Director, Rockwall Pets -0:11:24
  • Karen Froehlich, President, SPCA of Texas -0:16:27
  • Bonnie Hill, Executive Director, Spay Neuter Network – 0:22:02
  • Leslie Sans, Executive Director, Dallas Pets Alive -0:32:48
  • Bob Catalani, CEO, Operation Kindness -0:43:28
  • Q&A: 
  • Were your relationships all rock solid from the beginning? What advice do you have for shelters who want to collaborate in their communities but can't seem to get on the same page? -0:51:15
  • What are the logistic of the Dallas 311 service? Is it run solely by the city? How is rescue involved? -0:57:09
  • Can you share some successful tactics in helping legacy organizations step out of the individual organization mindset and into the community needs & goals mindset? -1:05:00
  • Ed, was becoming a distinct department important for implementing changes and having a greater voice at the table in Dallas? -1:03:45
  • Love the collaboration between these groups. Are any looking further "upstream" and doing proactive (vs. reactive) outreach in communities most in need of animal support services? 1:09:45


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