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Tabby and white kitten being held by person in dark sweatshirt

Saving the Tiniest Lives: Veterinary Care for Neonatal Kittens

Neonatal kittens are one of the most at-risk populations in shelters across the country, simply because shelters do not have the resources to provide round-the-clock care. One strategy that organizations are exploring involves utilizing foster homes and private veterinary practices to support kittens within the community, rather than the shelter shouldering the whole burden. This webinar provides an overview of both general and veterinary care for neonatal kittens in a shelter or foster setting, including nutrition and preventive care (vaccinations, deworming). The webinar also covers common illnesses seen in orphaned or nursing kittens and various options for testing and treatment.

Speaker: Erin Katribe, DVM, MS, Best Friends Animal Society Medical Director 


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