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Re-Opening a Different & Better Tomorrow

This town hall focused on learning from leaders in the field about new technology and community-based programs that are saving lives, how they are communicating with the public and key stakeholders, and how to build and retain these operational changes beyond COVID-19.

The following panelists joined us to lend insight and expertise: 

  • Dr. Erin Katribe, Medical Director, Best Friends Animal Society
  • Nick Lippincott, Special Programs and Training Coordinator, Orange County Animal Services and NACA board member
  • Shelley Delahoussaye, Supervisor, Lafayette Animal Shelter
  • Andrea Peterson, Senior Director of operations, LifeLine Animal Project

Click the timestamps below to skip to that portion of the town hall:

  • CDC Update with Dr. Erin Katribe- 2:53
  • Intro to panel- 4:50
  • Foster program at Lafayette Animal Shelter before, during, and after COVID- 5:48
  • RTO at Lafayette Animal Shelter before, during, and after COVID- 9:15
  • Managed intake at Lafayette Animal Shelter before, during, and after COVID- 10:28
  • Communicating changes to the public- 12:09
  • Reopening plans in Louisiana- 13:25
  • Operational changes at Orange County Animal Services care center and clinic- 15:11
  • Waitwhile app walk through- 19:25
  • Wait 'Til 8 kitten diversion program overview- 29:50
  • Foster program at Lifeline Animal Project- 38:08
  • Trello board for matchmaking outside of shelter- 39:36
  • Foster Marketing Toolkit example- 43:12
  • Do you do background checks for fosters/Do you plan on keeping your new foster process after COVID- 53:47
  • You mentioned your officers going door-to-door, was there push back on that due to the potential for exposure/Is there a way that ACOs can do that without close contact- 55:56
  • Did these community-based programs cost you more money- 57:44





  • 5 Tips for Awesome Foster Pet Photos
  • 911 Foster Pets - At our mission is to find foster or forever homes for the millions of homeless pets that enter rescues and shelters every year. Become a foster hero to a pet in need.
  • Adoptimize - an animal shelter software that increases adoption rates, reduces length of stay and reduces your shelter operating costs by automating better photos for adoption of pets. 
  • Best Friends Network Fundraising Proven Strategies
  • Cat Stats: Create an online colony database for your TNR colony
  • Create a virtual communication channel such as a closed Facebook group 
  • Finding Rover - Pet Facial Recognition. With Facial Recognition Pets Find Their Home Register your pets today and protect them if they ever get lost! It's Free!
  • LifeLine Animal Project/Fulton County Animal Services Trello Board
  • 24Petcare- Data Trends
  • Rehome - Rehoming your pet should be easy and stress free both for you and your pet. Our experts at, the largest non-profit pet adoption website, with support from The Petco Foundation, have created a simple, reliable, free program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another.
  • Trello- Work more collaboratively and get more done.
  • Waitwhile- Make your wait experience amazing with Waitwhile, the intelligent waitlist app.

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