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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 96

CARE Centers
January 13th, 2021

As animal welfare focuses more on supporting pets and their people, how do we best provide those services in areas that historically have not had essential resources, such as veterinary services and pet supplies?

CARE (Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity) recently launched a new program, CARE Centers. A model through which they hope will provide those services and engage the "proximate leaders" from within those neighborhoods. It's a unique approach and, if successful, could lead to CARE Centers across the country.

What is the model, how does it work, and what does the future hold? We spoke with Mike Bricker, the Chief Strategy Officer for CARE to learn more.

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Mike Bricker - Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE)

Mike Bricker

chief strategy officer, Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE)

Michael Bricker is the Chief Strategy Officer and Director of CARE Centers. Michael develops the organizational strategy and sustaining that through the management of all of our departments. As CARE Center Director, Michael curates strategies for each CARE Center and develop a national model for workforce development that partners from the community up to local shelters to provide sustainable change and save more animals.

He is the former Director of Operations for the Shelter Embed program at Best Friends. He spent most of his time in Texas, as interim Executive Director at different shelters, where he used his compassion and talent to get to know the staff, put the time in to connect with the community, all while saving more animals. During his time in Texas, he was able to take Palm Valley Animal Society from a 34% live release to 93%, and Abilene Animal Serrvices from 55% to 89%. Before Best Friends, Mike was the Director of Operations at Camden County Animal Shelter (CCAS). In addition to rewriting the shelter’s adoption policies, Mike helped to create a lifesaving department, launch CCAS’s community cat program, pioneer the Rent-A-Dog program and modernize the shelter’s medical operations.

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