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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 86

Language matters
November 4th, 2021

Every industry, including animal welfare, uses jargon - the terms and acronyms familiar to those working within the field but often leaves everyone else scratching their heads. The alphabet soup of acronyms and technical language can confuse the public and makes saving lives more difficult.

Best Friends recently conducted a research project to understand better the public’s knowledge of and affinity for the myriad terms used around cats and cat issues. What did we learn?

This week we're joined by Best Friends marketing manager Amy Dávila Sánchez who breaks down the research results.

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Amy Dávila Sánchez - Best Friends Animal Society

Amy Dávila Sánchez

marketing manager for strategic initiatives, Best Friends Animal Society

As the marketing manager for strategic initiatives at Best Friends, Amy Dávila Sánchez focuses on gathering insights and building strategies and activation plans that support lifesaving for critical populations like community cats and kittens. Amy also leads initiatives that drive increased engagement with multicultural communities and audiences.

Her passion for animals started at a young age while living in Puerto Rico. Her family home was known to neighbors as the house that would take in homeless pets, spay or neuter them, and find homes for them through informal networks of friends and families. She learned to bottle-feed kittens before she learned to ride a bike (and before there was YouTube).

Amy lives with her partner, Spencer, two rescued dachshunds, Guacamole and Madden, and two rescued cats, Filiberto and Oso. When not building strategies to save animals, Amy loves to travel, cook and hike.

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