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One Tail at a Time Pet Mutual Aid

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 75

It’s not rescue if they already have a home
August 12th, 2021

We all experience defining moments in our lives. Events such as marriage, kids, losing loved ones, career changes can all shape who we are, often on profound levels. This week's guest, Heather Owen, says her experience of watching heartbroken families surrender pets was a defining moment for her - when she realized she could offer assistance to keep those pets with their loving families.

Heather is the executive director of One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue in Chicago. They recently announced the launch of a new Pet Mutual Aid project. This growing collection of programs ranges from intake diversion to pet food pantries, no-cost vet care, all the way to offering a place to stay for those transitioning out of homelessness.

There are no invasive questions, no judgments. Just community-centered support for people and their pets with what they need, when they need it.

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Heather Owen - One Tail at a Time

Heather Owen

executive director, One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue

Heather Owen co-founded One Tail at a Time in 2008 while attending law school. She helped run the organization while practicing litigation in Cook County until 2015. That year she left her career to help One Tail open the Adoption Center and begin to reach its potential. Since then she has served as the Executive Director where she has been passionate about implementing progressive programming to address the problem of needless euthanasia.

Heather is passionate about social justice, good books, and finding the best veggie tacos in the city. She is almost always accompanied by her One Tail alum and adventure buddy Trout.

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