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The Best Friends Podcast Episode 48

Strategy: paving the way to achieving your mission
January 21st, 2021

Strategic planning is a phrase that can strike boredom in the hearts of, well, a lot of us!

But over the last year, from the ongoing pandemic to the political division and civil unrest, we’ve seen how critical it is for us to react and do what is necessary to continue saving lives. A strategic plan can help you do just that.

This week we look at how one organization has used strategic planning to set clear direction and align everyone in the organization behind the goals and what needs to happen to achieve them.

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This week's guest

Emily Klehm, South Suburban Humane Society

Emily Klehm, CAWA

CEO, South Suburban Humane Society

Emily has served as the CEO of the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights for fourteen years. In her tenure the organization established a thriving High Volume Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic, partnered to open a Low-Cost Veterinary Services Clinic, opened an additional Adoption Center, and has transformed the shelter from a 50% live release rate to a 90% rate.

In 2020, she secured a $6,000,000 government grant to build a new animal shelter campus scheduled for completion in February 2022. Her previous background is in community organizing and nonprofit fundraising.

She shares her home with Bette, Charlie, and Doug, her three adopted dogs from SSHS.

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