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Cole Wakefield Good Shepherd Humane Society

The Best Friends Podcast Episode 108

Saving lives in rural America w/ Cole Wakefield
April 21st, 2022

Helping people and pets in rural America comes with many challenges. For example, how do you offer even the most basic veterinary services when there are no vets who can help within 100 miles, and buying a transport van is a pipe dream? How do you recruit new foster homes when you've already asked everyone in town? Reassigning staff to support new programs can be a valuable strategy, but how can you when overburdened employees already perform several roles - everything from animal care to adoptions, volunteer coordinator, and fundraiser.

What are the best practices in rural shelters, and how do they differ from those in larger communities? And what can we all do to support the lifesaving organizations in those communities? Learning from those who have found ways to overcome the obstacles is a good place to start!

This week, we head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to speak with the executive director for the Good Shepherd Humane Society, Cole Wakefield, to learn more about what it's like to save lives in the Ozarks.

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Cole Wakefield - Good Shepherd Humane Society

Cole Wakefield

executive director, Good Shepherd Humane Society

Cole Wakefield is Executive Director of Good Shepherd Humane Society in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Before joining the staff at Good Shepherd, he served as Clinic Manager for HOPE Humane Society in Fort Smith. Cole also serves on several national advisory panels and consults with other animal welfare organizations on management practices. Cole is a graduate of Western Governors University and is currently pursuing a master's degree and is a graduate of the Southern Utah University/Best Friends Animal Society Executive Leadership Certification program.

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