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COVID-19 Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic Preparedness Guide

This COVID-19 Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic Preparedness Guide is a collaborative effort led by shelter and spay/neuter professionals representing different aspects of veterinary clinic operations. In all cases, the intention is advisory in nature and based on current knowledge. This guidance is not a standard or regulation and creates no legal obligation. It is intended to help clinic leadership formulate the safest and most reasonable approaches to operating spay/neuter and wellness clinics and maintain life-saving functions. Communities vary greatly and what may be safe and feasible for one community may not be for another. Organizations should always adhere to state and local laws and regulations.

If you have sample protocols or documents you would like us to consider for addition to our library, please submit those here.

This is a living document that will be updated regularly.

Download the Guide

Download iconCommunity Preparedness

Download iconDecision-making to control disease transmission

Download iconStaff safety and support

Download iconPrioritizing patients

Download iconCapacity for care

Download iconSurgical supplies and PPE

Download iconAnesthetic considerations

Download iconClient communications

Download iconScheduling and physical distancing

Download iconIntake protocols and physical distancing

Download iconPaperwork and record-keeping

Download iconDischarge protocols and physical distancing

Download iconPost-operative care

Download iconFinancial considerations and mitigating risk

For the latest information on COVID-19 related to workplace safety and veterinary practice, organizations are directed to the following sites:  

Core Committee 

Elizabeth Berliner DVM DABVP, Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine 
Jennifer Bolser DVM, Association of Shelter Veterinarians 
Gina Clemmer, Clinic HQ 
Natalie Corwin, Pet Community Center, TN 
Cynthia Karsten DVM DABVP, UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program 
Aimee St.Arnaud, Best Friends Animal Society

Review Committee

Jennifer Scarlett DVM, San Francisco SPCA 
Stan Hill DVM, Jacksonville Humane Society 
Denise Deisler, Jacksonville Humane Society 
Brian DiGangi DVM, ASPCA and Association of Shelter Veterinarians  
Lena DeTar DVM, DABVP, DACVPM  Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine 
Karen Little, Alley Cat Advocates, KY 
Erin Katribe DVM, Best Friends Animal Society 
Leslie Appel DVM, SOS NY 
Emily McCobb DVM DACVAA, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Association of Shelter Veterinarians
Clinic HQ
UC Davis Vet
Pet Community Center