Person in purple scrubs holding small black and brown dog in front of kennels

2020-2022 Data Trends, A National Perspective Webinar

Like many industries, animal sheltering was significantly impacted by COVID, and the last three years of data reflect that. Your organization is likely aware of its own data, but how does it compare to other organizations in your community or across the country? How can we use this data to better plan for the future of animal welfare?  

Host: Whitney Bollinger, director of strategy and network operations


  • Steve Zeidman, senior vice president of software solutions at Pethealth, Inc. 
  • Brent Toellner, senior director of lifesaving programs at Best Friends
  • Dr. Julie Levy, Fran Marino endowed distinguished professor of shelter medicine education at the University of Florida Shelter Medicine program
  • Kristen Hassen, principal of Outcomes Consulting