Tools & Information

Woman playing with adoptable cat

Tools for Shelters and Rescuers

We have created a series of tools to help with strategic goal setting, identifying next steps, and tracking your lifesaving progress. We will continue to add more tools as they are developed. 

Budget Model for Network Partners: This tutorial and budget model will help you get started with setting and balancing your organization's budget. 

Gap Analysis Tool: Want to increase your shelter’s save rate? Need to identify which programs will help you save more dogs’ and cats’ lives? Use our Gap Analysis Tool. 

Key Performance Goals Month-over-Month Animal Tracking Template: This template can be used to set lifesaving goals and track progress throughout the year.

Managing Transport with Trello: This video tutorial will walk you through how to manage your transports using Trello. 

Pet Lifesaving Dashboard: This online tool was designed to provide a consistent, data-driven picture of lifesaving in our nation’s animal shelters and inspire community members to take local action for pets in need. Collaboration with our shelter partners is essential to the success of this tool. 

Strategic Planning Template: This template walks you through the strategic planning process and the final result is a presentation ready document for your staff and/or board.