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Lifesaving E-Learning

Client Service & Open Adoptions- It’s imperative that organizations exceed client service expectations to increase lifesaving. The objectives of this course include understanding the differences between client and customer, identifying the crucial components of client communication, analyzing client service strategies that build long-term relationships, and examining proven lifesaving adoption policies and processes.

Collective Impact- Public Safety and Lifesaving are Compatible: Multi-organizational Coalitions and Collaboration for Increased Lifesaving and Safe Communities. The objectives of this course are to identify the elements of systems thinking, to illustrate the components of collective impact framework, to compare and contrast the five conditions of collective impact, and to examine and elaborate on collective impact framework case studies. 

Foster Programming- Organizations all over the country, from large brick-and-mortar agencies to small nonprofits, have successfully implemented robust foster programs that are increasing their lifesaving exponentially. This course presents these groups’ experiences, standard operating procedures (SOP), and proven practices to help you create your own lifesaving protocol for this critical program.

Lifesaving through Transport Programs- Organizations located in areas facing larger numbers of homeless pets can find positive outcomes through transport programs that transfer pets to areas where there are lower populations of adoptable pets and greater demand. An effective transport program not only reduces overcrowding and the needless killing of pets, it allows the source shelter to implement sustainable, proven practices in lifesaving and help more pets in their community.

Virtual Adoptions & Curbside Pick-ups- COVID-19 restrictions and health recommendations don’t have to put a damper on your adoptions. In an effort to continue saving as many animals as possible, many organizations have facilitated processes for virtual adoptions with curbside or off-site pick-ups (“Drive-thru” or “Curbside” Adoptions). Some groups are even delivering animals to their new home. This module will walk you through an overview of these new processes as well as tips and tricks for establishing your own.