Woman in gown and gloves sitting with gray dog

Canine Distemper: Management for Shelters Webinar

Canine distemper virus is emerging as a common infectious disease in shelters across the country, particularly in the south. The good news – mildly affected dogs can survive with minimal treatment. Even for organizations with limited resources, outbreaks can be managed to maximize lifesaving.

During this webinar we will discuss common misconceptions about distemper, how to approach and interpret diagnostic testing, treatment options, transporting dogs from CDV-endemic areas, and more.  

Presenter: Erin Katribe, DVM, MS, Medical Director at Best Friends Animal Society 


Canine Distemper Agreement for Foster Homes
Canine Distemper Fact Sheet for Foster Homes
Canine Distemper: Management for Shelters
Canine Distemper Protocol
Example Canine Distemper Protocol
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