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Small black and white dog in wheelchair with blue sky in background

How to adopt and foster special needs animals

Holly and Rose are joined today by Megan McCloud the Senior Manager at Best Friends Utah in discussing the extra step shelters can take in fostering and adopting special needs animals.


  • 00:00 Welcome to Saving America's Pets!
  • 00:25 Welcome Megan McCloud
  • 1:06 People want to help animals, even ones with special needs
  • 2:09 Transparency with your community can set you up for success
  • 3:45 Recommendations for keeping other pets safe
  • 4:24 These are the types of animals in the shelters and they all need help
  • 4:55 Providing resources to help these at risk animals
  • 5:44 How shelters can deal with the veterinarian shortage in America
  • 6:49 Adopters will comply with spay/neuter
  • 7:57 Saving as many animals as possible is our goal
  • 8:34 Final thoughts

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